Case Plan Hearing

by Charlene on November 5, 2012

in The Road to Foster / Adopting

Little Squirt’s case plan hearing was today.  His parents no showed, which really worried me because they aren’t the no-show type.  I’ve since learned that they had a time mix up.  All went pretty well, since there were really no changes from the previous case plan before he came into care, the lawyers accepted the plan.  They are setting court for about 90 days from now.

Mom and dad were supposed to bring formula on Friday.  I had told them that we were okay until Monday, so not to worry if they didn’t get it.  They didn’t.  They didn’t have it at visit today either, mom hadn’t had a chance to go get it yet (I don’t get that, since she’s had since the 1st to get it and she’s a stay at home mom without her kid at home).  They said they’d bring it to court, but then they weren’t at court.  They did however take it to the DHS office once they realized they missed court.  I’m glad they did follow through in the end.

They also mixed up the times for his visit today, which was changed because of the court hearing.  Luckily they showed up 25 minutes early for their visit, so they were only 5 minutes late for the actual one LOL.  That worked out well.

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