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by Charlene on September 9, 2012

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I’ve been doing absolutely dreadful about posting lately, but here’s a quick glance at what’s been going on:

  • We’ve finished 4 out of 9 of the PRIDE classes for licensing.  They are long, somewhat tedious, and I haven’t learned anything really yet.  Most people seem to be learning in them though, so it maybe I’m not learning anything because I already have experience in this area?  I’ll be glad when they are done.
  • We’re still waiting for our 2nd home visit from the licensing worker.  So far we’ve passed our inspection, no we’re just waiting for the homestudy part (the part where they ask all of the personal questions).
  • The foster care room has it’s first coat of paint, we’re hoping to get the second done today or tomorrow.  It’s sky blue and we will be putting wall decals in to turn it into a jungle mural (the blue will be the sky).  I’m super excited to see how it all turns out.  Hopefully we’ll get the decals within the next couple of weeks. 
  • I got a pink jungle set for the room.  Well, actually, my mom picked it up in California for us.   It’ the cutest ever and I’m so excited that we were able to find it used.  All of the used bedding has saved a bundle in the room.
  • Nick went to his first evaluation with the Occupational therapist to test for Sensory Processing Disorder.  Yeah, he’s got it.  He’s got it in almost all of the areas they check (except 2).  We’re finishing evaluations the next 2 weeks.
  • The OT (occupational therapist) gave us a couple of simple suggestions for writing and we have gone from writing being an unbearable, whiny, horrible, awful, part of our day, to being downright pleasant.  It’s amazing.  I am looking forward to seeing what else she has for him.
  • I’m having a lot of emotions about the SPD diagnosis.  Feeling like we somehow failed him and haven’t given him adequate stimulation and that has caused these problems.  Not sure how that could possibly be true though, we talk to him constantly, and have always made sure he’s got a sensory rich environment.  I just need to find out how a child with a sensory rich environment could end up not learning to process it.  I’ve read several of the books, but they really don’t explain it at all… I’m not sure they know.  It didn’t help that I felt like the OT kind of implied that he might not be getting enough stimulation because I’m quiet.  Sooo not true, just because I’m quiet around her doesn’t mean I don’t talk to Nick a lot icon sad Quick Update   Definitely need to talk about this with her when we see her on Wed.
  • Getting tired of having my past invaded with our foster care assignments.  We really hate those homework assignments.  I know I need to get used to it, but honestly, it’s a pain.  I’ll be glad when the kids get here.
  • Did a major breakfast freezer cook this weekend so that we have some more breakfast meals that are super easy to make.  It took hours, but will save time in the long run.  Plan to do the same for lunches and dinners and then keep on top of them so we don’t run out.  I want to make sure that we have meals on hand for when we get kids in.  I know it’s going to be a big adjustment, especially if we end up with 2 coming in at the same time.  Really wishing we had a bigger local support network around here… really need to figure out how to do something about that.  At least the people we’ve got are all fabulous and happy to help.  I wish they had foster grandparents.
  • Nick is loving the new sitter that we’ve been using for the classes.
  • Erik took his first full day off of work in a long time last Tuesday so that we could all go to the fair while it would be quiet.  It was wonderfully quiet, we got discounts on ride wristbands for the kids (we took one of Nick’s friends with us), and we all had a blast.  Taking a friend for Nick was the best decision ever.  It cost us a bit extra, but it was so much more fun for everyone.  Nick loved having someone to talk to besides us, and it was great for him to have someone to ride with.  He even ventured onto a few faster rides.  Erik and I actually got to talk to each other and didn’t have to listen to Nick asking when we’d be leaving. 
  • I think I’m coming up to the idea of possibly taking a foster child as old as 5.  Erik would love to go up to 6, I’m not ready to deal with school right off the bat.  Even if we do have a 5 year old in kinder, they’d only be gone half the day at least.  As homeschoolers it’s hard to think about how much having a child in school would limit our schedules.  If we have a child that is not in kinder now but is next year, we will at least be settled with them by the time we have to add school into the picture.   I keep envisioning a 2 year old and a baby girl so it’ll be interesting to see if that’s what we end up with.
  • I’m still adjusting to the no job thing.  Even with being really busy, I’m missing some of the mindless tasks that I had for the store.  Time to take crocheting back up so I can relax at night.

I’m off to go grocery shopping and then need to get our house cleaned up so that when the social worker calls to sent our next appointment (which I think should be any day now), we’ll be ready.  I wonder if I should e-mail him tomorrow and remind him that we’re nearly halfway done?  He doesn’t seem to initiate too often.  The one time he did was right before our classes and they are required to come out once before classes start.  I don’t want any delays in us getting out license, but I also don’t want to bug him to death.


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